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Corporate Lodging Solution & Workforce Travel Savings

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Corporate lodging solutions are challenges for many companies whose business model is not specifically in the travel industry.  Job projects may not always be finalized until the last minute.  So reactionary steps are required and there is usually no time to conduct accurate research and rate negotiations for the best corporate lodging solution.

When negotiating a rate with a facility many companies are unaware that the room rate is variable.  And once a sales manager determines the last minute need, or large corporation they assume has no budget, the rate will no longer be competitive.  And booking these accommodations from out of the area, it is almost impossible to vet the facility or preview an apartment prior to check in or move in date.  So in many cases when the guests arrive the day before their project start they find the accommodations to be less than desirable.  And too late to find other corporate lodging solutions.

And what about renting apartments or private homes for your personnel on long term assignment.

Many times the personnel only use the rooms during weekdays and go home on weekends and holidays.  And those nights are a cost to the company even when they are unoccupied.

If the apartment is unfurnished there are an abundant amount of additional costs for furniture rental, linen package, electronics such as TVs, washer/dryer, and more.  Costs not included are electric, water, trash collection, gas, cable or satellite, internet.  Cleanings at least 1-2 times a week.  Meals. And if the rental is a 12 month lease term most organizations need the flexibility should their project end earlier or delay its start.  These are additional costs not calculated in total corporate lodging expenditures.

Why pay for unused rooms, empty beds, unoccupied apartments?

It’s no secret: Hotels are in the business of selling rooms.

For your organization, this may equate to thousands of dollars, especially when large crews travel to and from projects across many locales.

The fact is that hotels, management companies, apartment communities, booking and travel agencies do not monitor or track these instances. A crew logistics management company offers corporate lodging solutions to track every dollar spent, alleviating these unnecessary costs and reducing your overall lodging expenditures. And at the same time ensure quality facilities, at the most competitive rate, closest to the job site location.

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