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The role of a travel manager has been evolving so rapidly that it is hard to compare the job description of this role decades ago to what it now is. Here are the top three challenges that the experts at see as the biggest issues in-house travel managers struggle with today.

Using Data Effectively

Everyone in the corporate world will agree that big data is getting bigger day by day. For example, online booking tools now allow companies to capture all sorts of data, such as booking habits and traveler itineraries.

The big question is, what do you use all that data for once it is captured? Many in-house travel managers find themselves swamped with more data than they can use effectively!

Travel management companies like CrewFacilities have mastered the science of using data to meet the needs of travelers while addressing the objectives of companies. For example, the CrewFacts app can generate a report that helps companies to predict their future travel needs and costs so that budgeting can be more effective. You might therefore want to switch to an external TMC so that all the data being collected about the travel program can be put to good use.

Selecting the Right Technology

The big data discussed earlier is being facilitated by the massive strides made in the development of appropriate technologies for the different aspects of the travel industry.

This massive growth of technology presents yet another problem that in-house travel managers struggle with. It is hard for them to select the best tools for their needs. For example, of all the booking tools out there, which one is best suited to the needs of your company?

The wrong technological tool can drive travelers away from complying with the travel policy instead of acting in accordance with that policy. Does this describe your company? Contact Andrea Tsakanikas and her team at so that the dilemma of selecting the right technology for your travel program is resolved by experienced travel management professionals.

Balancing the Needs of Travelers and Companies

An in-house travel manager also has the unenviable task of trying to satisfy travelers while also meeting the interests of the company. This balancing act keeps getting harder to attain as the workforce keeps getting younger and the industry keeps changing rapidly.

Travel management companies have learnt how to prioritize traveler interests without compromising corporate objectives. This skill is hard to develop if you are an in-house travel manager because you don’t have the resources and networks that dedicated travel management companies have.

The three challenges above cut across all the aspects of your travel policy, and any failure to respond appropriately to one or more of those challenges can throw the travel policy into disarray. Why take that chance? Contact today and let the experts manage your travel program while you attend to your core business.

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