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While the movies and imagination may make one to think that corporate travel is all glitz and glamor involving traveling first class and being chauffeured in a stretch limo while sipping champagne all the way, the reality is that corporate travel is filled with numerous stressors. These include delayed flights, jetlag, cancelled meetings and slow internet connections in hotel rooms. The management of companies therefore needs to take deliberate steps to alleviate traveler stress, especially for frequent travelers. Andrea Tsakanikas, the President and Founder of (a travel management company) shares the following simple measures to reduce traveler stress.

Think Carefully About Feeding Costs in Different Destinations

You can reduce traveler stress by getting data about the cost of feeding in the different locations where your employees travel for work. Provide an expense budget that puts those location-specific feeding costs into consideration so that your employees aren’t forced to survive on fast food each time they travel. Good feeding ensures that your employees will receive all the necessary nutrients which are crucial to keep them energetic and productive throughout a trip.

Listen to Traveler Complaints

Nothing beats hearing from travelers when you want to make changes to reduce traveler stress. So, create mechanisms through which you can receive honest feedback from your employees. For example, you can design surveys through which travelers can provide anonymous feedback about their experiences after a trip. Alternatively, you could hold focused meetings with travelers and elicit their feedback on what can be improved. Something as simple as providing Wi-Fi gadgets to travelers can eliminate the stress caused by using the poor connectivity services availed in hotel rooms.

Let Employees Unwind After Trips

The effects of traveling should wear off before an employee is required to report to office for work. For example, it is extremely stressful to demand that an employee who returned at midnight appears in office at 8am the next day. Such a person can be given the next day off so that they rest and come to office once they no longer feel exhausted.

Small changes to your travel policy can produce significant improvements in the travel experience of your employees. This will in turn increase traveler satisfaction and retention. Talk to our experts at and discover how we can tailor a travel management package which will transform the travel experience of your employees.

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