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How to Keep Staff Happy While Maintaining Travel Policy Compliance

If you run a business or company whose employees travel a lot, chances are you have to deal with travel costs. In fact, for most companies, travel costs make up the bulk of expenses after salaries. That’s why maintaining high levels of travel policy compliance is essential; it helps prevent travel expenses from ballooning, and it keeps overall costs low and manageable.

But, as companies that have tried to implement cost-cutting policies have learned, it often comes with increased levels of employee dissatisfaction. And we all know that unhappy employees don’t do your company any favors.

So how do you make sure travel policy compliance remains high without running afoul of your employees? Investing in the right Travel Management Software is a great way to do that. You’ll be able to ensure employees remain within the parameters you’ve set while keeping them satisfied and comfortable as they work. So, how do travel management platforms and companies like ease the burden of corporate travel?

Automatic Travel Policy Compliance. The thing with company policies is that they’re usually in PDF form, and you’d have to actively look for it if you’re interested. Chances are very few people will read that file. Travel management platforms allow you to feed your parameters into the software, such as the CrewFacts App. The platform will then filter out all of the options that don’t fit your parameters, find the best options that do and voila, automatic travel policy compliance.

A Wider Range of Options. Unless you are a full-on travel agency, you probably have a small pool of accommodation facilities. Most of the time, travelers end up with unsuitable accommodation; for instance, far from the airport and intended place of business. CrewFacilities has an extensive inventory of accommodation providers for you to choose from. Your employees will therefore be able to choose the best accommodation while complying with your travel policy.

It Makes Customization a Lot Easier. A big part of ensuring employee satisfaction is listening to their individual needs, especially if they travel for the company often. can help you to customize your policy to suit your specific needs. You could also decide to customize it based on different department or office needs.

You Can Collect Useful Data. Just like cookies monitor you online to give you a better browsing experience, the data the CrewFacts App provided by Andrea Tsakanikas and her team collects can be immensely helpful. It can give you an insight into booking habits, and this information can be used to tinker with the policy. In this way, you’ll end up with a policy that puts the traveling employees’ preferences and habits in mind, making compliance much easier.

Travel Management Platforms, such as what is provided by, are a great way to ensure travel policy compliance while keeping the employees happy and productive. Not only do they allow you to feed your policy into the software for automatic compliance, but you can use travel data collected by the system to customize it to fit department, office, or even individual employee needs. If this is something you would like for your company, get in touch with CrewFacilities and you will learn how we can be of help.