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These days, corporate travel is an increasingly crucial part of business operations. Advancements in technology have made it very easy for businesses in different parts of the globe to transact, and corporate travel is the glue that holds it all together. However, shuttling back and forth for business can get exhausting, especially if you do it consistently.

Enter bleisure, which in simple terms, is the practice of combining a vacation day or two with a business trip. If it’s done correctly, your traveling employees will be able to handle their duties as well as take a much-needed break. The benefits of bleisure travel to your business are innumerable, with the most significant one being employee satisfaction.

Planning such trips can be tricky, but with the right approach, you could be seeing a significant improvement in business travel ROI. Here are a few tips from CrewFacilities to make bleisure work for your employees and the business.

Get the priorities straight. At the end of the day, it’s a business trip, and business has to be handled before leisure. If adding a few leisure days to their trip has a negative effect on business or prevents the employee from effectively performing their duties, then it’s not worth it. Bleisure travel shouldn’t pit business against leisure. Instead, it should find a way to balance the two, such that neither duty affects the other adversely.

Pick the best time. With the right timing, you could send your employees on a trip that gives them more time to relax at no extra cost. Weekends, for instance, are a way of turning a trip into a mini-vacation without eating into the employee’s paid vacation time. You could plan a trip that starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday, and this will allow the employee to relax over the weekend before coming in refreshed and productive on Monday.

Take advantage of ‘window days.’ Like weekends, window days allow your employees to extend a bleisure trip. Nine out of ten business travelers take their personal days off for business travel, and if done correctly, your employee could enjoy a mini-vacation without breaking the bank. If a public holiday falls just before a weekend, an employee could combine them with his vacation days, resulting in a longer, but an affordable vacation.

Don’t be constrained by location. Often times, employees spend their leisure days in the same location they traveled for business. However, at least 27% of travelers add another city or location to their trip, especially if transportation is easily accessible. If, for instance, an employee travels to Brussels, they could visit nearby cities like London or Paris.

Traveling for business can be quite stressful for employees. Adding a few days of bleisure to a trip could be the difference between a productive and unproductive employee. With these CrewFacilities tips, you’ll be able to maximize bleisure travel and make sure it works for you and your employees. So you have my questions regarding bleisure travel? CrewFacilities would be happy to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.