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5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid for Your Crew

Business travel, corporate lodgings, and large group housing can cost your business more than you intend. CrewFacility specializes in moving large crews across the country. We’ve learned a few costly travel mistakes people make when moving their team. Read on to learn about these common mistakes and how to avoid them altogether.

1. Not Checking The Lodging’s Tax Policies

We’ve all been there. You buy a hotel room. Then you get an email from the hotel telling you that taxes aren’t included in the quoted price, and they need your credit card details so they can charge you separately for them.

Andrea Tsakanikas, founder and President of CrewFacilities, says this is one of the biggest travel mistakes people make when planning corporate lodging. She explains how many states have tax policies to refund the taxes paid for the first thirty nights. Imagine how much could companies with long-term on-site projects could save? 

2. Changing Hotel Networks Constantly

Many organizations are losing the benefits of staying in one facility over time, such as hotel tax waivers. For example, rooms occupied 31 nights in many municipalities are subject to no room tax. For long-term stays and many rooms, these savings can be surprisingly high. 

Many factors go into choosing a hotel, and trying to stick with a budget is only one. Choosing the cheapest option can sometimes prove wrong, especially when moving the crew to another facility. Moving from one lodging facility to another to take advantage of lower rates can cost you more. 

3. Paying for Services or Facilities You Don’t Use

You should also never pay for a service or facility you don’t use. Companies with traveling crews usually incur expenses for unoccupied rooms, empty beds, and other unutilized resources when they don’t have someone monitoring the facilities’ inventory. Tracking unnecessary costs helps clients save thousands of dollars each year. 

When finalizing travel arrangements for your crew, it’s essential to verify that the accommodations you get match exactly your crew’s needs. Many hotels and facilities will offer airport shuttles, overnight parking, and other services your team might not use. Opt for lodging options without added or unnecessary services to save money in the long run. 

4. Failing to Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important things you can do when organizing corporate lodging. It allows you to have more time and money to plan, giving you more flexibility and efficiency. 

If you’re planning, then it means that all your major decisions (such as where to stay, what transportation method to use, etc.) have already been made before leaving. This way, when something unexpected happens and takes place during the trip (e.g., flight delays), there will be less pressure to make last-minute changes or decisions because everything has already been decided beforehand..

5. Not Verifying & Negotiating Rates Before Booking

Many companies whose crews travel a lot often miss their ideal lodging facilities because they think that the stated rates for those hotels are static. Rates drop due to various factors, such as last-minute cancellations and job schedule changes. Savvy travel managers consistently check the rates of their desired accommodation before finalizing their crew booking. Simply verifying rates is a quick way to save time and money on corporate travel.

Not to mention, because you’re traveling with large crews, not planning ahead of time means you won’t have a chance to negotiate rates. Many hotels and lodgings offer flexibility and discounts for corporate groups. Whether you’re looking for 20 rooms or 100 rooms, negotiating bulk rates can translate to significant savings for your company. 

While many travel mistakes can add costs and headaches when accommodating large crews, these are the most common ones. Good planning can prevent these common travel mistakes from happening on your corporate trip.

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