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Have crews that travel from job site to job site throughout the United States?

Many companies are not taking into account the areas where they are overpaying for their employee travel. The nightly rate is their sole focus. But that is just the start to where your reservation begins.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Who is responsible for booking, tracking, changes, approval of the invoices or review of your credit card statements? Is it the same person that can reconcile the actual activity to confirm it truly occurred?
  • Are your nightly rates staying the same throughout the reservation? Or are they increasing without notice?
  • Is the quality of the facility commensurate with the rate? Meaning are you placing employees at sub-standard hotels solely to stay at a certain cost? This does not have to be the case.
  • Are you paying for empty rooms, last minute cancellations, no-shows and late check outs?
  • Do you know where your employees are located on a nightly basis and do your hotel invoices or credit card statements include that backup so you can easily approve them?
  • Do you have a single source portal to manage your communication in regards to your employee travel? You may wonder why this is so critical. When it comes to overcharges, in the majority of the cases most customers are not aware they have occurred. Because the person reconciling and auditing the credit card statement, or direct bill statement is not the one that tracked the activity during the transaction, or the one that requested the reservation. So how would they know what hotel rate was agreed upon, how many rooms were booked each night, who stayed in each room, etc?

It is critical to have a crew travel manager that is monitoring and controlling this activity as it happens. Before the charges are incurred. Hotels are in the business to sell rooms. They are not going to notify a customer if a crew member checked out early or that you had an empty room when additional employees arrive. They just sell you an additional room.

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