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We Move People

Your Crew. Anywhere

24/7 Responsiveness and Zero-Error Execution

Our highly skilled team stands ready to support your mission-critical teams and field workers, day and night. Like a finely-tuned military unit, we conduct weekly drills to guarantee rapid response to any and all requests. From immediate crew changes to moving hundreds at a moment’s notice, we proudly boast a 100% performance rating as a US Government Lodging Contractor.

We ensure zero-error execution on high-stakes contracts, from stringent vetting of facilities for health and safety to flawless logistical management and precise invoicing. Our goal is to streamline your operations, enabling your field personnel to excel at their jobs. Trust us to exceed your project expectations.

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Our Vetting Process

What sets apart is our rigorous facility vetting process. We carefully vet and pre-qualify all facilities prior to your personnel placement and check in. With our years in the field inspecting, researching, testing and operating camp, hotel, rental communities, workforce housing, remote lodging and short term rentals across the US, created is proprietary vetting process which we use to determine which facilities comply with the required health, safety, environmental and quality guidelines that we strive to maintain.

We work with Hotels, Lodges, Man camps, and Corporate Apartments through our partnerships we offer discounted rooms at top rated 2.5 and 3-star facilities.

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Industries We Serve


We optimize skilled labor placement across sites for efficient resource utilization.


We aim for cost-efficiency, smooth operations, and minimized downtime.

Oil & Gas

Facilitating efficient operations in oil & gas industries' challenging environments.

Highway Construction

Highway projects, we balance accommodations, transportation needs, project timelines, and budgets.

Military Movements

We coordinate logistics for military movements, ensuring precise timing and absolute confidentiality.


Efficient logistics solutions that ensure swift responses and secure accommodations for these crucial services.

Sports Management

Managing logistics for sports events, ensuring smooth placement and movement of teams, officials, and staff.

Government Contractor

We meticulously manage soldier logistics, adhering to stringent regulations while ensuring operational efficiency.


We Cover all the United States, Canada & Mexico

With expansive coverage across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Crew Logistics provides comprehensive crew management and logistics solutions, regardless of your project’s geographical location or scale.

250,000+ Facility & Hospitality Partners

We offer expansive, flexible options for accommodating and managing your crews.

ESG Certified for Sustainable Crew Management

Crew Logistics prioritizes environmental, social, and governance responsibilities, ensuring sustainable and community-supportive solutions.

CrewFacts: Your Accommodations Management App

An intuitive app by Crew Logistics streamlines communication and facilitates efficient management of teams, no matter their geographical dispersion.