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Alabama National Guard Travel Management Contract with

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The Alabama National Guard has chosen, LLC for a pivotal (5)five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Travel Lodging Management Services. This collaboration underlines the need for high-quality corporate lodging and crew lodging solutions for the dedicated members of the Alabama National Guard, spanning both Air and Army divisions.

With its unparalleled 16-point proprietary vetting and inspection process, guarantees top-tier lodging solutions. Their services ensure that National Guard members are placed in emergency accommodations when needed, always emphasizing health and safety standards. The managed travel experience is further enhanced by’s state-of-the-art automated roster management, crew logistics, and proprietary technology, offering streamlined access to overnight accommodations.’s impeccable 100% historical performance rating over 140 government contracts, including those in military lodging and government travel contracts, fortifies their position as industry leaders. Established in 2015, is a foremost Small, Women Owned entity with WOSB, EDWOSB, and DBE badges. Their expansive presence extends across the US, Canada, and Mexico, becoming a beacon for entities in need of field housing management and lodging procurement.

Their comprehensive offerings cater to both commercial entities and government agencies. From remote housing solutions to disaster relief, they provide emergency housing, food services, logistics, conferences, training, and 24/7 critical mission dispatch. Acting as a unified point for managed travel services, they expertly source, vet, negotiate, and audit costs for various accommodations. Their extensive database holds over 250,000 vetted facilities, accommodating a plethora of needs.

Rachel Calabrese,
Phone: 800-273-9256