’s expert personnel are ready to assist businesses with high volumes of crew members and vital mission response teams whenever they need it, thanks to their corporate travel booking and tracking software CrewFacts. Another reason for’s success is their instant readiness for any situation or mission. This is because conducts monthly disaster or high-volume client simulations. These Simulations include shifting thousands of workers in hours with little warning, not to add the usual shift and staff rotations. Their record of accomplishment as a government lodging contractor in the United States is impeccable. Everything from vetting potential locations for compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations to coordinating transport, conducting audits, and ensuring proper invoicing is taken care of. This is possible because of the many error-free, long-term contracts they have negotiated.

In 2017, they founded Creating Women Leaders with a defined purpose and objective. Women-Owned Small Business, Women-Empowered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, GSA Schedule Contractor for Group Logistics Serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Businesses and government agencies use them to standardize and streamline their housing procedures and standards for their field workers and for conferences, training, food service, logistics, and travel management in crew logistics. They have collected information on more than 250,000 verified establishments in the United States. As a U.S. Governmental Lodging Contractor, they have a perfect track record in business logistics.

Belle Guzman is the latest addition to the firm’s talented board members. She was raised in Lubbock, Texas, where her family still lives, and earned a degree in real estate management. Belle is exceptionally good at overseeing multiple housing properties and supporting the families. New building, lease upgrades, and foreclosure purchases are her three main strategies. She is also a seasoned assets manager, bringing to Crew Facilities a broad variety of expensive saving upgrades of corporate housing.
Since 2016, Belle’s professional focus has been on her position as Regional Manager for workforce housing in the central United States, where she is responsible for more than 800 units. Belle has earned a name for her business or organization in the industry through her marketing strategies.
For many years, Belle has catered to clients seeking lodging in out-of-the-way locations by providing them with turnkey solutions. She has worked as a Sales Manager for crew housing developments in Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, and as a Regional Operations Manager for South Texas. Her duties extended over all three of the states.

She chose to join Crew Facilities because businesses and government agencies prefer to retain them to standardize and streamline their housing, traveling, procedures and standards for their field workers and for conferences, training, food services and expense tracking. Crew Facilities has a database of over 250,000 vetted facilities across the US. They are also a 100% historically rated U.S. Government Lodging Contractor, because of their reliable and efficient business logistics solutions.

Belle Guzman’s main duty as’s Business Development Manager of the Energy Division is to bring in new customers from the Midwest that includes business travel. Belle’s responsibilities include expanding the reach of and the Crew Facilities brand via the discovery and development of new business opportunities. She will be finding new eligible clients, building meaningful relationships, and working with the procurement team on pricing for customer bids are all part of her responsibilities. Working together with the Logistics group to welcome new clients and familiarize existing ones with the business. She is now serving as Vice Chair of Membership for the Lubbock Latino Chamber of Commerce. She also uses her spare time to mentor at-risk teens.

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