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Corporate lodgings and business travel tips by CrewFacilities

Traveling for business isn’t the same as traveling for leisure, nor is it nearly half as fun. Most often, we travel alone on business and, usually, stay at one place for only a few days at a time. We don’t have enough time to go sightseeing or for spa treatments. However, CrewFacilities has a few hotel tips that could make your stay much more bearable.

Get to know the staff. Moreover, be kind to them. The quality of your stay at any hotel depends on your interactions with the team. They will be making your bed, cleaning up, and delivering food to your room, so you should try not to antagonize them. Luckily, CrewFacilities does thorough background checks and only checks you into top-rated establishments with courteous and qualified staff.

Always leave the door locked. You are likely to be traveling with electronics and other valuables. When you are out of your room, make sure you leave them locked up safely in your room, to ensure wayward staff don’t get access to them. If you are in the room, always leave the latch on to prevent people from accidentally bursting into your room or staff from coming in and out. Alternatively, you can let the team book your employees into a hotel that is not only the nearest possible to your work engagements but is also safe and well-reviewed.

Join a loyalty program. As a frequent traveler, you have lots of loyalty programs within your reach. You should register for one such program with your favorite hotel and car rental company; booking into this hotel or renting a car from the company earns you miles that you can redeem eventually for free hotel rooms, free car services or free flights for that holiday with your family.

Take advantage of hotel services. Most hotels offer a variety of additional services to their clients. Lotions, shampoos, soaps and other toiletries are almost always provided. You shouldn’t spend money on these unless you have a particular preference. Many hotels also have swimming pools and gyms the clients can use for free during their stay. Being away from home shouldn’t rob you of the opportunity to work out, stretch and iron out the kinks from that long flight to New York or wherever.

Final Words

Traveling regularly for business can be exhausting. These tips go a long way in ensuring that your business travel will be comfortable and hassle-free. You should always communicate all your complaints, requests, and preferences to the staff and hotel management; your comfort is their responsibility. Better yet, let Andrea Tsakanikas and her team take charge of all your travel management and you will have nothing to worry about.