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A look at different CrewFacilities reviews will show you that the importance of hiring a travel management company like is greater today than it ever was, even in this era where online booking sites claim that they help you to avoid working with a TMC. Here are some services that offers that online booking sites don’t.

Monitoring and tracking unused tickets. Companies whose employees travel a lot write CrewFacilities reviews in which they admit that they had been losing a lot of money to unused tickets that eventually expire. tracks those tickets and makes sure that they are used at the earliest opportunity so that the company doesn’t lose the money spent to acquire the tickets. Online booking sites cannot offer you this service.

Help with passports and visas. CrewFacilities reviews also show that in-house travel managers of companies are often out of their depth when employees encounter issues regarding passports and visas while traveling abroad. TMCs like have experienced professionals that will provide the needed support and advice if issues ever arise regarding the passports and visas of your employees. Don’t take a chance by ignoring this important added service that online booking sites cannot offer.

Arrange corporate credit card programs. Experienced TMCs, such as, can also help you to get onto the best corporate credit card programs. Such programs may come with free travel insurance, so you will not have to fork out more money for insurance. You would be searching for a needle in a haystack if you wanted to find an online booking site that can offer this extra service.

Save you time. CrewFacilities reviews also show that companies are relieved that a TMC can leave their employees free to focus on their core tasks instead of combing through ticket prices and the fine print accompanying some of those tickets that appear too affordable to be true. CrewFacilities has experienced professionals who scrutinize every minute detail of an airline’s offer before buying the ticket. This can save your employees the time and expense of buying new tickets when those one-time tickets can’t be used on another flight.

As you can see, there is no substitute for a competent travel management company like Get in touch with Andrea Tsakanikas and discover how corporate travel can get so easy for your employees if you hire experienced travel managers.

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