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Disaster Relief Housing

Efficient Shelter in Crisis Times

Facilitating Resilience

Superior Accommodations for Disaster Response Crews

Our dedicated 24-hour dispatch team is at your service, readily available via voice, text, email, web request, or our mobile app to cater to your crew and disaster relief service housing needs. Specializing in such crucial travel and logistics, we strive to find the most operationally efficient and high-quality facility closest to the required staging area.

Our facilities, spanning across North America, have been essential in hurricane recovery efforts in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. We comprehend the urgency in executing and implementing personnel and supply deployments into staging areas for disaster relief services.

To further streamline this process, we’ve developed “CrewFacts,” our proprietary crew logistics software, available as a mobile application for iPhone and Android. This innovative tool simplifies the lodging process, reinforcing our commitment to efficient disaster relief services.

Immediately Response

Emergency Response Services

Our process is a simple as creating your company account and assigning your authorized personnel to use our platform. They will receive a User ID and Password which they can use to request lodging.

Disasters don’t give notice and that’s why our 24/7 support team is always available to respond to your team’s requests. They will receive all contact information and lodging details to be prepared for their next assignment.

Outsourced travel management department
24/7 Dispatch and Logistical Support
24/7 Reservation Team access via text, voice, mobile app or web portal
Procurement of potential housing facilities and locations
Daily Tracking of Occupied Rooms and Personnel
Data verification and access in real time