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It’s no secret: Hotels are in the business of selling rooms.  To ensure bookings, hotels require that guests check out prior to the advertised check out time.  If a guest fails to do so, the credit card on file is charged for an additional night.

For your organization, this may equate to thousands of dollars, especially when large crews travel to and from projects across many locales.

Why pay for unused rooms simply because check out rules were not observed? As well, other crew members might have been able to use these rooms, eliminating additional costs and new bookings.

The fact is that hotels do not monitor or track these instances. But we do. tracks every dollar spent, alleviating these unnecessary costs and reducing your overall lodging expenditures. We can also help with our extended occupancy solutions, perfect for those times when you need to extend crew stays to finish a project, but discover the hotel is all booked.

Give us a call to learn about our programs and solutions, all fully customizable to serve your unique employee lodging needs.

Single source for all your group housing needs – inspected, competitively priced, easy to book.