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Is cost the only important factor when booking facilities for your employees?

Simply put, no. Other concerns, like facility quality, are also vital, both to reducing your costs and ensuring the health and safety of your employees. maintains strict policies when choosing their preferred providers of hotels, lodges, apartments and camps.  We perform extensive Health, Safety & Environmental (“HS&E”) verifications prior to placement and, if the facility has a history of, or currently does not pass any one of the following criteria, we won’t refer them to our clients.

Our inspections include:

  • Mattresses which are of are good quality, in good condition and with bed bug protectors
  • Sheets, comforters and pillows free of stains, tears, in good quality and in good condition
  • Towels which are clean, not stained and of good quality (and several towels in each room)
  • Water elements – fixtures in good condition, with no leaks; both hot and cold water working properly (not muddy or milky in color); toilet flushes properly, etc.
  • Electrical elements – no hazards exist in outlets, cords, plugs, etc.
  • Facility must be free of mold, mildew, smoke odors
  • Heating and air conditioning are in proper working condition and filters are cleaned regularly
  • Flexible cleaning schedules ensure rooms are properly sanitized during stay and unaffected by guest shifts or crew changes
  • No potential safety hazards – unsecured railings, trip hazards, improper exterior lighting, non-functional smoke detectors, etc.
  • Facility Management Team is properly trained in operations and customer service is comprised of a team that has spent years in the field inspecting, researching, testing and operating hotel and rental facilities across the US.  During this time we have established relationships with Hotels, Lodges, Camps and Apartments that comply with HS&E standards. The team has managed, leased, rented, booked hundreds of thousands of rental/hotel/workforce lodging product over the life of their careers.

Because of the time spent establishing these relationships, can pass on savings to our clients by knowing what facilities will offer them reduced room rates, while we assist in the control of charges.  When your business does not offer you the luxury to know your schedule in advance, why pay for empty rooms?

Single source for all your group housing needs – inspected, competitively priced, easy to book.