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How to Avoid Paying for Empty Rooms During Your Crew Stays

Traveling with crews, regardless of the size, involves lots of planning and logistics. Crew lodging can be a significant expense for a company. Still, one of the most common crew traveling mistakes is paying for services or facilities you don’t use. Follow these tips to prevent these mistakes and avoid paying for empty rooms during crew stays.

1. Don’t Contract Rooms Based On Headcount

When it comes to crew accommodation, there are a number of ways that you can save on the cost of your rooming arrangements. First, calculate how many rooms you need by determining the number of people you’ll host per room. For example, a crew of 20 doesn’t mean you need to book 20 rooms. If you’re booking double rooms, for example. You’ll only need to book ten rooms to host your entire crew. 

Using this booking method will also be handy in case any crew member has to leave. Now, in this case, if a member of the room leaves, you still have the room being used by another crew member versus having to deal with an empty room. Or, in contrast, you could re-arrange room assignments to merge other crew members and reduce the total number of rooms rented. 

2. Create a Room Roster to Track Your Inventory

Keep a record of all names of crew members that will be staying in the facility. This is called a room roster. Pair them up to ensure no one ends up in their own room if you select double occupancy. A room roster is a document with each guest’s name and room assignments. It will also require the facility to obtain a signature at check in for each crew member.

Submit your roster before hotel check-in so you can track any empty rooms and prevent paying for unnecessary, empty rooms.

If you don’t track your stays with names in each room, it is impossible to ensure the facility does not add unauthorized rooms or extend rooms outside of the date the team was required to check out.

3. Work With Crew Logistic Experts

From 24/7 shift changes, crew changes, and moving hundreds of people in a few hours, crew lodging logistics requires a dedicated team to source and track each stay. If your in-house team doesn’t have the resources available to manage the logistics, consider hiring a third party to manage the process. This is perhaps one of those investments that will yield the highest ROIs.

CrewFacilities has a 100% performance rating as a US Governmental Lodging Contractor. We meet all requirements with many long-term contracts requiring zero error, from vetting and qualifying facilities for minimum benchmarking for Health, Safety, and Environmental, to managing logistical movement, and auditing to ensure accurate invoicing.

In the end, taking the time to source, vet, track, audit and retain daily records of all personnel and locations is key to ensuring that your crew lodging costs are managed and controlled. The savings attained go right back to your bottom line. So stop spending unnecessary funds on empty rooms, unauthorized charges, additional fees, rooms that are not checked out by retaining a crew lodging vendor.

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