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The extent to which travel management companies can offer a return on investment to the firms which have hired them varies from one travel manager to another. Most look at ROI from the point of view of negotiating bulk rates from different vendors. However, some travel managers like offer a return on investment in the following extra ways.

Enhanced traveler comfort. CrewFacilities pays attention to the tiniest detail when selecting vendors, such as hotels, to work with when implementing the travel policy of companies. Consequently, your employees will perform at their best level since they will always be booked into facilities that have no pest problems or other inconveniences, such as noise pollution.

Benchmarking travel policies against industry standards. The travel manager also adds value to your company by performing a benchmarking analysis of your travel policy in order to identify and fix gaps in that policy. For example, CrewFacilities often advises its clients to pair employees on different shifts in the same hotel room so that each employee stays alone while in the room. This cuts the cost that would have been incurred when single rooms are booked in the interest of employee comfort and privacy.

Draw your attention to relevant trends in corporate travel. A good travel manager is also worth more than what you pay them since those professionals will constantly update you about any new trends that are affecting business travel. For example, the TMC can alert you about the trend in which millennials add leisure to their business trips. This information can help you to update your travel policy so that the company doesn’t have to foot the costs of the leisure activities added to a corporate trip.

Contact CrewFacilities for a detailed discussion about how your company stands to benefit when you hire the firm to manage the trips of your employees. You will soon see for yourself how an experienced travel manager can streamline business travel and rake in savings.

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