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Aite Group, a research and consulting company, estimates that credit card fraud in the U.S. will hit $6.6 billion by the end of 2018. You can easily become a statistic in the data on credit card fraud if you don’t equip yourself with current information about how credit card fraud can occur and how you can avoid it when you are staying at a hotel or any other lodging during business travel. Experts at point out the following as some of the most common ways through which business travelers fall victim to credit card fraud at hotels.

Fake Wi-Fi Connections. Some hackers create their own Wi-Fi networks and give them names that you may mistake for hotel connections. The hackers will then steal your financial details as you shop or pay bills using that connection the hackers have made available. Avoid this scam by asking the hotel front desk for the name of their Wi-Fi network.

Fake Take-Outs. It is common for business travelers to order take-outs from their hotel rooms in case the traveler returns to the hotel when meals aren’t available. Hackers can set up fake take-out restaurants and record your credit card information as you read the number while placing your order for a meal. Avoid such scams by doing an online check to confirm that the restaurant is legit.

Fake Front Desk Calls. Be wary of anyone who calls you claiming to be from the front desk of the hotel you are staying at. Be particularly cautious in case the caller asks you to take some steps to access alternative Wi-Fi connections. Instead, walk to the front desk and request for confirmation of that information before you act on it.

Stolen Credit Cards. Credit card fraud can also occur in case your leave your purse/bag unattended in an open place within the hotel and someone steals your credit cards. Such a person can make transactions using your cards if you delay to discover the loss and notify your credit card provider.

As you can see, the forms of credit card fraud vary widely. Make it your business to educate yourself continuously so that you aren’t caught off guard by a new scam. Another approach is to hire travel managers like Andrea Tsakanikas and CrewFacilities so that you can reduce how frequently you need to use your own credit cards to pay for travel-related expenses.

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