Crew Facilities


Kenny Tsakanikas

Executive Vice President

Kenny is responsible for the 2016 addition of our the governmental and estimating division of Additionally, he is involved in the high level coordination and satisfaction of client crews and teams traveling throughout North America. His career experience as Owner’s Representative in the management of construction projects and over many divisions assists him in understanding our client personnel needs and to quickly identify and manage their logistics and movement from job location to job location. 

 He understands logistics from a field perspective to ensure our crew accommodations meet health, safety and environmental standards. As case studies have shown a direct correlation between personnel quality accommodations and their increased productivity. And this also attributes to our clients’ ability to retain their personnel for extended periods while on the road. All adding back to our client company’s bottom line profits.

Business Development Manager 

Chief of Accounting

Administration Manager

Procurement Coordinator

VP of Special Projects

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