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Our Services

Personalized, Efficient Crew Lodging Solutions

Our approach is focused on cost-effectiveness, comfort, and convenience. Whether you have a small team or a vast workforce, we handle all the details so your crew can focus on their core responsibilities.

Our Commitment to Quality

Every accommodation partner within our extensive network meets rigorous standards to provide your crew with secure and comfortable living environments.

Seamless Reservation and Check-in

Our streamlined reservation and check-in process eliminates the stress of managing accommodation logistics.

The CrewFacts Advantage

Our proprietary application simplifies lodging management, allowing your team to focus on its primary mission while we take care of the rest.

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High-Quality Lodging with Our Rigorous Vetting Process

Crew Logistics’ comprehensive vetting process ensures our facilities meet the highest health, safety, and environmental standards, providing optimal crew accommodations closest to job sites.
Enhanced Safety and Sanitization Measures

Our partner facilities implement stringent safety and sanitization protocols, ensuring enhanced protection amid COVID-19 and beyond.

Optimizing Convenience with CrewFacts©

Our proprietary technology, CrewFacts©, automates the vetting process, placing your crew in top-quality, competitively-priced facilities near job sites.

Our Accommodations

Our Facility Types


Offering a wide range of hotels, ensuring crew comfort with diverse amenities.


Homely lodges blending rustic tranquility with modern comforts for optimal crew relaxation.

Man Camps

Man camps provide communal living with essential amenities for large crews.


Corporate accommodations focusing on connectivity, convenience, and comfort for business-centric crews.


Fully-furnished apartments offering home-like comfort for long-term crew assignments.

Private Facility Rental

Private rentals providing exclusivity and flexibility, tailored to unique crew lodging requirements.

Pioneering Universal Quality Standards for Workforce Housing with Crew Logistics

Crew Logistics leads in setting universal benchmarks for workforce housing quality, ensuring high living standards for field personnel

The Crew Lodging Standards Council

By setting minimum quality mandates for housing, we combat sub-standard conditions, enhancing personnel retention and job site productivity.
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Our Lodging Services Include

Top Quality Facilities

At competitive rates – any location in the us.

Management Services

Daily monitoring and auditing of rooms and charges to eliminate overbilling.

24/7 Support

Choose voice, text, email, smartphone app.


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