Crew Facilities

Our Expert Logistics Team

Only The Best In Logistics is America’s premier crew logistics and travel management company. We serve industries who require overnight housing, conference and training facilities. Clients hail from construction, transportation, energy to government agencies including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Department of Transportation. With thousands of rooms occupied each night globally, and our years of facility management expertise, we understand the physiological and psychological affect that mobile work force personnel experience when working or training away from home. And how that can affect longevity, employee retention and productivity. Our proprietary facility vetting system insures a high standard of living for temporary and permanent field workers.

In addition, we simplify the lodging process for our clients with “CrewFacts” our own crew logistics software and mobile application for iphone and Android.

Andrea Tsakanikas


Andrea Tsakanikas is the founder and President of Over 30 years involved in the property and facility management industry.

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Vanessa Freixas

Administration Manager

Vanessa Freixas is the Chief in charge of Sales and Business Development. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and nearly twenty years of experience in sales, operations and administration.

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Michelle Austin

Chief of Accounting

Michelle has been in the finance and operations field for more than 25 years. She has worked with CPAs, Accountants, CFO’s, COO’s and Human Resources leadership.

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Karol Hess

Senior Procurement Coordinator

An expert at syncing supply with demand and developing strategies that significantly impact clients’ bottom line.

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Kenny Tsakanikas

Executive Vice President

Kenny is Involved in the high level coordination and satisfaction of client crews and teams traveling throughout North America.

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Mason Bradshaw

VP of Special Projects

Mr. Bradshaw brings his development expertise to in our project and business development divisions. He leads Development initiative

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