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Each municipality has its own laws and interpretation of what constitutes transient lodgers and the tax benefits which they can enjoy after staying at the same facility for a given minimum number of nights, usually 30 consecutive nights.

Companies that send crews to several locations find those differing laws too complex for them to keep track of and enjoy the possible tax benefits. Matters aren’t helped by some lodging facilities which either don’t bother or deliberately keep their clients in the dark about any tax breaks which those clients would have enjoyed during those long stays.

This is where CrewFacilities comes in. Our staff and technology tools (CrewFacts App) help to identify and claim any tax benefits that your company is entitled to when crews stay at the same hotel or lodging facility for the minimum duration indicated in the transient lodging tax laws of a given municipality.

The resultant savings earned from such tax breaks can quickly add up to thousands of dollars and much more for companies with large crews which are constantly in the field.

Our staff will also provide advice about how to maximize those transient lodging tax benefits. For example, you may not have known that switching lodgings before that minimum number of consecutive nights has been reached may prevent you from technically qualifying for those tax benefits. Our team will use their extensive experience to tell you how to plan your stays in order to get every tax benefit available.

We will also follow up with the lodging provider in order to claim all the benefits for which you qualify. For example, some lodgings may accidentally fail to pass on the tax refund on the room rate when that money is returned. Our involvement can draw the attention of the hotel to that anomaly and the funds will be returned to you. Contact us and you will start enjoy the transient lodging tax benefits without having to invest the effort needed to claim those benefits.

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