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The “Test Rest” Program Can Save Your Business Money on Lodging

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Travel is an integral part of many businesses. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry with a large crew crisscrossing the nation, a large corporation sending teams to client sites, or a construction company with projects scattered across states, lodging costs can quickly add up. But what if there were a way to significantly cut down these expenses without compromising on the quality of stay? Enter the “Test Rest” program.

What is the “Test Rest” Program?

The “Test Rest” program is a specialized service designed for businesses with large traveling crews. We understand the intricacies of lodging expenses and are committed to helping businesses find those hidden savings that can make a big difference to the bottom line. By analyzing the past 90 days of your lodging invoices, we aim to identify areas where your business could be saving money.

How Can “Test Rest” Help Your Business Save Money?

  1. Negotiating Lower Hotel Rates: One of the primary ways businesses overspend on travel is by not getting the best room rates. Our team has established relationships with various hotels, allowing us to negotiate better room rates on your behalf.
  2. Taking Advantage of Tax Rules: Did you know that certain tax rules demand a refund and no tax charges after a continuous 30-day stay at a hotel? Many businesses miss out on these benefits simply because they’re not aware of them. Our experts ensure you’re not overpaying on taxes.
  3. Other Cost-Saving Methods: Apart from negotiating rates and leveraging tax benefits, our team uses other innovative methods to find savings. This could range from identifying loyalty or reward program benefits you might not be utilizing, to suggesting alternative lodging options in high-demand areas.

Why Should Your Business Consider the “Test Rest” Program?

a. Save Money without the Hassle: You focus on your core business activities, and we focus on what we do best – analyzing and finding cost-saving opportunities for your lodging needs.

b. Pay a Flat Percentage Rate: With the “Test Rest” program, businesses aren’t bogged down with complex fee structures. You pay a straightforward percentage rate based on the savings we identify for you. It’s a win-win situation – we only succeed when you do.

c. Benefit from Expertise: Navigating the world of hotel bookings, rates, taxes, and other related expenses requires specific expertise. Our team is well-equipped to understand the nuances of the industry and find savings where they might be easily overlooked.


Travel expenses, especially lodging, can significantly impact a company’s operational costs. However, with the right strategy and expertise, businesses can find substantial savings. The “Test Rest” program provides a tailored solution for businesses with large traveling crews, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. If you’re looking to optimize your lodging expenses, it might be time to give our program a test… or should we say, a “rest”?