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Workforce Housing Consulting

Streamlining Accommodation for Efficient Teams

Workforce Housing

Design, Construction and Consulting

Crew Logistics provides its clients with the options and amenities that insure a standardization of living quality accommodations and service to overnight guests, as well as, health, safety and environmental vetting. As a crew logistics management company,, places teams and groups of workers in third-party housing facilities across the US and internationally.

The Crew Logistics team has been involved with the design, development, setup and management of a variety of facility types from corporate apartments, hotels, lodges, man camps, etc.

With years on the ground spent understanding the needs of their clients and guests being housed in these facilities, and the large variations of the accommodations’ levels of service and quality.

In addition, we simplify the logistics process for our clients with “CrewFacts” our own crew logistics software and mobile application for iOS and Android.

Full Service

Our Consulting Covers

Investor and Developer Services
Project and Market Studies
Architectural and Engineering Design Assistance
Location Site Selection
Infrastructure Planning Assistance
Project Construction Management
Layout Evaluation, Functionality, Furnishing
Project and Operational Setup and Review
Review/Consulting for existing Facilities
Featured Project

Customized Strategies To Fit Your Needs

Personalize your program with one, several, or all of the phases:


Consultation to discuss logistics & specific project.


Site selection or site review of existing, features, floor plans, market rates, etc.

Construction Oversite

Crew Facilities provides a variety of construction management and oversight services.

Operation Preparing & Setup

Furnishings, linens, housewares, setup, hiring & operational training, etc.


Operational testing and Project opening.


Consultation to discuss logistics & specific project.

Modular Refurbishment Mastery

Elevating Remote Workforce Living Standards

Whether a new modular community is required to be designed or a client has a man camp that needs refurbishing to make it more accommodating to ensure an increased crew member productivity level, offers management oversight and expertise to improve the living and lodging standards for their remote workforce.